What to do with all my time

Quiet and quality weekend!

I got hacked on Facebook!!!! It happened so fast and 10 years of hard working ( and $40,000 in advertising money) and earning 10,000 likes was out of my hands. I panicked and tried to fix it, but Facebook is one of those companies you just can’t call or email! How can a company that is so big and so powerful not have any way for you to talk with them on the phone?

I actually don’t remember the last time I had a weekend like this. I don’t have to worry about social media! I had time to workout, clean the house, watch TV and play with my kids. It scared me how many times through the week I have hit the Facebook button on my phone with out thinking about what I was doing. How many hours every day have I wasted on social media, I don’t even know? But the next question is how can my company survive without Facebook? Will it survive? Will I get my Facebook back and do I want it back?

Okay time to lean back on the couch and live a little in the real wold.



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