The Black Pearl Jewelry was founded by Mikkeline and Eric Hicks. They have been making jewelry since 2010, when they discovered they had a talent. Since then, they have been traveling the country selling their work, meeting new people and learning what to do next.

Mikkeline is originally from Denmark. She came to the US in the summer of 2004. Then, she met Eric. And, a year later they were married. Together they had 5 clothing boutiques until 2010, when the BP Deep Water Horizon forced them to close their stores. That is when she had the idea of making jewelry. With little discussion about it with Eric, she bought the materials and began to try her hand at crafting.

​Eric is from the Florida Panhandle, where they both live. Eric served 10 years active duty with the Air Force. He separated with an honorable discharge in the Summer of 2004 (the same time Mikkeline was visiting Destin). After the oil spill, Mikkeline wanted him to help her with the jewelry. And, that is when he discovered his talent.

Today, they have 3 children, Noah, Annabel and India. They both work together and play together.


The Black Pearl Jewelry Family